Tuesday, November 07, 2006


2000 Redux? CQPolitics says it may be days...

The online arm of Congressional Quarterly, CQ Politics, is reporting today that determining winners and losers may take days to resolve.

With control of both chambers of Congress possibly hinging on narrow majorities, and with late polls showing tightening margins in many of the closest races, just determining which party will lead the House and the Senate next year may prove difficult.

Concerns about new voting systems and polling place rules also could complicate this yearÂ’s tabulations.

The article cites absentee votes and provisional ballots as the main culprits in delaying the determination of close races.

So, what am I doing here, blogging away today in hopes of a Democratic sweep? And I'm early too. I just hope we don't go through what we had to endure in the 2000 presidential election. Remember that fiasco?

Please, spare us the wait. Either give us a majority in the House tonight or just declare all the elections stolen and let's have at it. I've been personally fed up to my eyeballs with the Republican-dominated federal government since 2003. The 2004 vote was a joke. Kerry won. In fact, Gore won in 2000. We need to pull together and get rid of Bush, Cheney, Rummy and Rice. Kick that Gestapoo in the DoJ too. It all starts today.

Excuse me for being impatient, but my future - and yours - depends on today's results.

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