Monday, October 30, 2006


Tennessee, Virginia and Missouri - 3 in play

Actually there are less than 9 days 'til the national saliva test.....the whole world is no longer watching....they have largely given up on us after the puppet ratification of 2004 ....with no place else to go, I will stay and fright...fight...whatever....(you don't suppose they plan these events in mid-autumn deliberately)...anyway ....Virginia had chain gangs when I lived there in the late 1970's....the northern part of the state, viewed now as the "progressive" DC suburban area, given the industry of governing, is quite transient, much like the incumbent Senator George "Boots" Allen..."Junior" to his friends, but no one calls him might like to think that the "Old Dominion" is too sophisticated to be fronted by , let alone fooled by, the pampered southern California charletan....spelling?... still the chalk talkin' turf rat is the incumbent, and was the it an ode to shameless ambition, superficial identity, and now that customary refrain...power o' $$$$. While Jim Webb is not a natural campaigner, he speaks directly to policy points and his past as a Reagan appointee insulates him from commie suspicions among the Bircher quadrant. The polls have margin of error quality about them....Virginians are plenty savvy enough to sense the need for change, but i think the deep-pocketed 'stars and bars schmoozer' will carry the day. One for the puppet!

On to the Volunteer state....the last polling I saw had Ford (D) establishing a beyond m.o.e. (margin of error) lead, but these things bounce in all kinds of directions, and the " me" ads had yet to register. To his credit Mayor Corker disavowed the racially tinged spots, but as they have apparently continued through the weekend, the observer can't help but fear for the distinct limits to Mr. Corker's credit, and independence. Harold Ford is young, handsome, carries a moderate voting record as a sitting US Representative, and hails from a prominent political family in Tennessee. Shrill paeans to miscegination fears are unlikely to resonate as clearly in the fog of the extant sex predator/house page embarrassment. One for the people!

Out to the show-me state, where the bud and the bubbly are still flowing no doubt. This race has been tight throughout, and may be the scene of protracted counting and recounting. From a distant perspective, two things augur saliently for Claire McKaskill's bid to oust yes-man jim Talent. First of all, the Cardinals have ended the paradigm of World Series ad buys. A boon to both camps, it means even more to the lesser funded challenger. Then there is the stem cell research hullabaloo. Oxy contin recovery versus truncated horizons, how will Missourians parse the matters? It is quite a challenge to show anybody anything, when researchers are not allowed to investigate. The middle of the country understands this. Two for the people!

Two of three means some checks on the imperial metastisis, as for balance, call me really skeptical!
Jonahpf in the belly of the beast

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