Thursday, April 07, 2011


The Worst (and Last) Congress in the History of the United States

The United States is about 28 hours from a planned shutdown of "non-essential" federal government services and operations. More than anyone can expect from the newly-annointed Tea Party members of the House of Representatives will prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the current government of the United States is completely invalid, illegitimate and undeserving of any support by any member of the general population.

Over the past 10 years, since the inauguration of George W. Bush as president - actually, appointed by the Supreme Court, and his second term a stolen election - the United States federal government has done nothing to benefit the general population of the nation, and the Obama administration, with the willful assistance of the Republican party, has carried the rhetoric and action to the extreme.

In the rawest sense, the United States of America no longer exists as a sovereign nation, but rather as a cleptocracy centered on Wall Street, with no interest for the common good of the nation and incapable of carrying out even the most rudimentary duties of governance.

It is ironic that the supposed "freedom fighting" Tea Party members of congress would be the very ones to tip the nation over the edge, for we are truly at a crossroads. By ceding control of the functions of government, the current congress and the president are in no small way ceding control of the government, abrogating their powers and should have their feet held to the hottest fires on earth. They have abandoned all logic, all sense of decorum and any small shred of decency they have left in their bones.

Once the senators, representatives and the president pass this rubicon of budgetary necessity, they should be barred from re-entry into their abdicated seats of power. even if they re-instate themselves, their dictates, laws, regulations and authority should be hitherto ignored and rejected. The American people are as good a people as there is in the world, and they are more than capable of carrying on the orderly conduct of a civil society without the intrusions of a mad, maniacal band of rogue agents in contradiction to the constitution.

Let the fools walk away. Let the government cease to exist. Let the chips fall where they may, but know you this, all those who entertain thoughts of ruling, leading or governing: you have lost the people and the people will rise up against you and smite you, for you have shown yourselves to be powerless squabblers with no plans, no future and no right to rule.

The hours grow short. There is probably already no time left. Those who claim to know what is best, those who have oathed to serve their country, have left it in a state of great disrepair from which they cannot rescue it.

When the clock strikes midnight on the 8th day of April, and the government - by its own decree - discontinues operations, mark that moment as mere hours before the dawning of a new day in America, one which will progress without the burden of illegitimate caretakers.