Thursday, November 29, 2007


Media in the USA: Who's Watching?

It's getting pretty stupid out there in Mainstream Medialand. Last night was the Republican version of the YouTube/CNN debate featuring the mental pygmies and of course, the scourge of the party, Ron Paul.

While most of the press focused on Rudy Giuliani (the adulterer) and Mitt Romney's (the moron Mormon) "heated" slugfest over immigration, the "debate" was poorly staged and arguably scripted. The two Republican leading candidates are both such empty suits when it really comes down to it. Both have hired illegals or had them work on their properties in the past, and neither will do a damn thing about immigration if it costs US businesses one single penny more in wages. Neither would make a suitable president of this country. Maybe some backwater nation like Slovakia or Burundi, but not America.

The most entertaining parts of the debate were taking place off camera, actually, in the crowd that somehow got invited. This particular goon squad cheered every time the "troops" were mentioned and booed at even a hint of the hated Hillary.

It was also interesting to witness the Grover Norquist sighting. The public was told that ordinary citizens would be asking the questions, not paid pro-Republican, loyalist lobbyists like Grover, but there he was, live and in almost-living color.

According to more than a handful of analysts, CNN hijacked the debte, cherry-picking the questions. There was no mention of health care, energy policy or the environment, though considerable time was spent talking about guns and abortion and immigration.

It was not worth watching, even with the paucity of original programming available due to the writer's strike. The Republican candidates are hollow and script-fed phonies. But, on the other side, the leading Democrats don't look much better.

Self-rule is the answer. Without followers, we wouldn't need empty leaders.