Thursday, July 19, 2007


Where is Harriet Miers?

Since failing to appear before the House Judiciary Committee by the imposed deadline on Tuesday, July 17, there's been little news on the issue, either from the White House or from Committee Chairman John Conyers, who only said that he and the committee members were "planning their next move."

It's a little past the time we'd like to see the committee "planning", as seeing Ms. Miers hauled before the committee in irons would be far more preferable. The woman has no right to executive privilege according to most scholars, and she should have been compelled to appear.

There's been no Miers sightings nor any statements other than the one prepared by the legal team of Fred Fielding in Ms. Miers' stead.

Harriet Miers should be forced to comply with the subpoena from the committee just like any ordinary citizen. It's time for the House (and Senate) to take off the gloves.