Sunday, June 08, 2008


ABC This Sunday: Not Worth Watching

Somebody needs to crack a two-by-four over the heads of ABC's Round Table discussion participants. Claire Shipman, George Stephanopolous, George Will (the easiest conservative voice to debate) and the other participants discussed the potential running mates for Barack Obama this Sunday morning.

They are either serially misinformed or purposely stupid.

After pretty much dismissing the possibility of an Obama-Clinton ticket, they went around talking about three Democrats in Virginia, including Senator Webb and former Governor Mark Warner. They even mentioned Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. Not once was the name of the most obvious choice - New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson - who would both solidify the Hispanic base and add valuable experience to the ticket.

Maybe these geniuses are simply out-of-touch with Democratic politics. More likely, they are in denial that whomever Obama picks as his running mate, the race for the White House is going to resemble a Harlem Globetrotters basketball game with John McCain in the role of the inept, overmatched Washington Generals.

The networks - FOX, NBC, CBS and even the Mickey Mouse ABC network - needs to understand that fewer and fewer Americans are paying attention to their idle shibboleths and instead acting in their own self-interest. The glory days of the networks as mouthpieces for the corrupt Republican political machine are about to end... miserably and not a moment too soon.

Obama will choose either Hillary Clinton or Bill Richardson as his VP, and the election in November - unless Republican operatives conspire once again to steal it - will not be close. Obama will win by more than 100 electoral votes and the margin of victory will be something approaching 55-45%.

Get used to hearing the words, "President Obama." It has a nice ring to it.