Monday, November 06, 2006


Polls open in less than 10 hours

Eleven seven impending, and may the nation be lucky. A "Be prepared" list seems in order. How about the theme of "Brr, take the chill out of voting" B-be...R-ready to R-rumble...brr! so anyway...

1) Vote early, if there are impediments you'll have more time to address them.

2) Bring:
a-a cell phone..
b-the number of the local election board,
c-the number of your local party's headquarters
d-pencils and a notepad
e-redundant identification
f-your registration confirmation notice
g-the voter hotline number....1-866-OUR-VOTE...1-866-687-8683 or the NYU School of Law Brennan Center Voter Complaint Form at

3) If anyone challenges you, challenge them. Demand identification, inquire as to by whom they are employed, the name address and other vitals of the person's direct superior. Be polite but direct.

4) Report any incidents, discrepancies, anomalies, or harassassment of any kind to all of the election board, the local party headquarters, and voter hotline immediately.

5) Be proud! Stand up for yourself, your family and loved ones, and for yourself.

"One if by land, and two if by sea..."

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