Monday, March 19, 2007


New Depths of Deceit: NBC and the Hammer

Just when we thought the mainstream media could stoop no lower, Tim Russert and the producers of NBC's Meet the Press have hit rock bottom by allowing former Speaker of the House Tom Delay and Iraq war architect Richard Pearle to appear on their show.

Pearle, who is nothing more than a policy wonk for the administration, has consistently toed the company line on Iraq. His point of view is nothing more than propaganda, not even disguised. Pearle, former chairman of the Defense Policy Board, and DeLay offered nothing more than simple, tired talking points.

DeLay, former Republican House member who resigned in disgrace, has no place in Washington politics or in any American policy debate. He's been appearing on right-wing shows such as those hosted by Sean Hannity and elsewhere on Fox news and now has made it to prime time. The man is a known liar, cheat and was forced to step down from the House because he was under criminal investigation.

It was interesting to note that Pearle and DeLay, who argued ardently for the war, have no official position in government. Former Rep. Tom Andrews (D-MD), director of Win Without War. Rep, Joe Sestack (D-PA) retired Vice Admiral of the US Navy argued successfully against the war and proposals to redeploy the troops out of Iraq.

Pearle engaged in excessive finger-wagging and pointing. Russert even called DeLay "Congressman DeLay." Sorry, Tim, your credibility is now kaput. ZERO. As an honest participant in American politics, you have nothing left. Allowing DeLay on the air is one thing, but calling him "congressman" and holding up his recently penned book No Retreat, No Surrender, is another. You've become nothing less than a shill for the Republican/conservative party that is systematically destroying democracy in America.

Russert, his producers and the management of NBC are elitist plutocrats. Their interests in no way intersect with the majority of Americans. Russert can sit on his fat , pampered ass at the head of his big table and conduct phony, useless debates such as this one. Meanwhile, troops are dying in Iraq. Russert could care less, and it shows.

Thankfully, the truth is that very few Americans even bother to watch the Sunday morning news shows, including Meet the Press. The influence of these shows has diminished drastically thanks in part to the internet and other alternative news and information sources. The shows themselves have helped speed their decline, though, as they continue to feature guests espousing mostly right-wing, pro-war points of view.

I encourage them to keep it up, as it will only hasten their ultimate demise.

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