Monday, March 12, 2007


Flip-flops or Sandals?

I've often wondered if there was a certain kind of personality that preferred flip-flops over sandals. I've always been a sandals kind of guy and I wonder if people who wear flip-flops, like the California surf crowd, are more laid back, easy-going or free-spirited.

Whatever the case, and whatever your demeanor, you aren't going anywhere in style this Spring and Summer without rainbow flip flops in a variety of colors to mix and match with any wardrobe.

These flip-flops are more substantial than the ones kids wear. These are high-quality footwear, made of premier leather, with laminated, closed cell sponge rubber, and feature a non-skid surface which molds to the foot, ensuring a perfect fit. Plus, they're guaranteed for the life of the sole.

Now that you've got your shades, hat and footwear set for Spring and Summer, you're ready for anything, from beach to boat to boardwalk. Kick it up!

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