Saturday, February 24, 2007


Is Iran Next?

The latest political buzz is whether or not our bizarre administration is actually planning an attack on Iran.

Well, maybe not whether it's planned - they've already done that, according to this excellent article by Tom Rinne, but when is the operational question.

With our armed forces already stretched to the breaking point, an aerial assault on Iran's nuclear facilities is looking like the obvious direction. Apparently, the administration is not content to steal just Iraq's oil; they'd like Iran's too and bombing only nuclear sites in that "rogue nation" would conveniently be far afield from any oil facilities.

If the Bush gang is intent on doing damage to Iran there really doesn't seem to be much to prevent it. Congress has shown an unwillingness to stand in the way, though other countries - notably Russia - have not kept their positions secret.

If it's bombs away over Iran, we could be looking at $4 a gallon gas soon thereafter.

Happy motoring!

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