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Sunday Talk Shows Scorecard - January 7

Notes on the Shows: As the shows mostly continue to give the Republican administration equal time concerning Iraq, it's become clear to almost everyone (with the notable possibility of NBC's Tim Russert) that important policy decisions are going to be made by the Congress.

Once again, we see that the only network that really "gets it" is the one built on the back of a cartoon mouse, ABC. George Stephanopoulos, the show producers and his panelists seem to have a much better handle on the public mood and have lately been choosing more guests with progressive agendas than the other networks. The show comes across as more thoughtful, better organized and more in the public interest.

What's become evident in the undercurrent of debate is that the president's administration is spoiling for a Constitutional showdown with the Congress and the Iraq "surge" policy will be its centerpiece. By promoting a policy (supposedly to be announced this week) that is at odds with the wishes of the majority of American people and the Congress, the president isn't fomenting a strategy for a realistic end to the conflict, but more of a continuation of it.

Bush's actions, as we have seen repeatedly, have an ulterior motive and that has been and is always an assault on the Constitution and a push for unitary executive power. Such an assault will drive the Congress towards more investigations and hearings concerning the use - and abuse - of presidential power. The response from Congress will be (and it should have been in the previous Congresses) to protect the Constitution and the co-equal power of the legislative branch.

January 7 Sunday Talk Shows Scorecard

Week 9 - January 7

Show Guests Score WeeKTotal Cum. Total* Cum. %**
Meet the Press (NBC) SenatorsJoe Biden (D) & Lindsey Graham (R) 1 1-2 6-22 27.27
Fox News Sunday (FOX) House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D) and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R) 1 1-2 11-26 42.31
This Week (ABC) Reps. David Obey (D), Henry Waxman (D), Charles Rangel (D), former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft (R) 3 3-4 14-26 53.85
Face the Nation (CBS) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) 1 1-1 7-18 38.89
Total for week, all shows all guests 6 6-9 38-92 41.30

*Total of progressive/Democrat guests to total # of guests.
**Total percentage of shows beginning with Sunday, November 12.
Chart updated weekly each Sunday.

How well are the Sunday News Talk shows presenting the progressive/Democratic point-of-view?

We look at the guests each show offers and award them a point for every one that is either an elected Democrat or shares the values of the progressive left and a zero for every one that does not. Generally, Democratic party guests get a 1; Republicans and all others, a zero.

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