Thursday, December 07, 2006


Sunday News Shows Scorecard: Hadley goes 3 for 4

It took less than a month, but the major news media has managed to shift the focus back to the right, falling under 50% in progressive guests on Sunday talk shows for the first four-week period. This week was particularly dull and biased as National Security Advisor to President Bush, Stephen Hadley, appeared on three of the four shows. How Fox News Sunday failed to give Hadley a perfect 4-4 is somewhat beyond comprehension.

Sorry this edition of the scorecard is a little late, but it was a particularly boring weekend of news shows and I nearly gave up on the concept of watching them at all. At least Russert gave Jimmy Carter some air time. Carter is the only person in the American media who speaks openly of the apartheid in the Palestinian settlements, but oddly, nobody calls him a Jew hater. Maybe he should give Mel Gibson lessons.

Sunday News Shows Scorecard

How in or out of touch are the Sunday morning shows following the message of the midterm elections?

We look at the guests each show has and award them a point for every guest that is either an elected Democrat or shares the values of the progressive left and a zero for every one that does not. Generally, Democratic Party guests get a 1, Republicans and others a zero.

Week 4 - December 3

Show Guests Score WeeKTotal Cum. Total* Cum. %**
Meet the Press (NBC) Stephen Hadley, Carl Levin, John Warner, Jimmy Carter 2 2-4 5-13 38.46
Fox News Sunday (FOX) Senators Joe Biden (D-DE) and Lindsay Graham (R-GA), Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer; Incoming District of Columbia police chief, Cathy Lanier 2 2-4 7-12 58.33
This Week (ABC) Stephen Hadley (National Security Advisor), Senator Evan Byah (D-IN), Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack (R-IA) 1 1-3 5-11 45.45
Face the Nation (CBS) Stephen Hadley, Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Chuck Hagel (R-NE) 0 0-3 4-10 40.00
Total for week, all shows (4 weeks) all guests 5 5-14 21-46 45.65

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