Thursday, November 16, 2006


If the president is impeached, how will we know?

Just 9 days have passed since the Democrats swept into power in our nation's capitol and the president, George W. Bush, and his henchmen have already shown contempt for the will of the people. News from the British newspaper, the Guardian, reported yesterday that the president plans on sending as many as 20,000 more troops to Iraq at the same time the American public is clamoring for troop withdrawals, and soon.

The news has not reached the shores of our republic, apparently, as our crooked, deceitful, inept and wholly provincial network television media does not feel compelled to report the story, just as they will not report the charges of war crimes filed in Germany against soon-to-be-replaced Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, current Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and former FBI Director George Tenet, among others. Credit to Time magazine for running the story at least, but they themselves give the suit little hope. (I'm sure we'll hear more about this at a later date... if we're living in Europe, supposedly.)

Somebody needs to inform the administration that Al Gore invented the internet and it's still working.

In response to the non-story, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vowed to oppose sending more troops into the untenable Middle East quagmire. Once again, the report comes from the UK's Guardian.

Now that we have our president making policy from out of the county and we're getting most of the important news (and spending money) from foreigners, maybe we should just put our hands over our heads and give up. "OK, we won the election and we surrender!"

One of the troubling aspects of the president's wish to commit more of our fighting-age youth to a losing effort is that many experts (Joe Lieberman, John McCain and General Abizaid excepted) don't believe we even have 20,000 spare troops. Not a problem, since it's not a story, so far.

The continuing nefarious efforts of the television networks is ostensibly the foremost injustice of the past six years of Bush regime rule. In order, the main culprits in the faux news game are FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, the latter recently showing a propensity for breaking from the crowd, and that a credit to anchor Katie Couric, or in the most cynical, her producers.

In the television world, ratings matter. In affairs of the nation and the press, however, the truth matters. It would be refreshing to see some of it on American airwaves.

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