Wednesday, November 15, 2006


We deserve to give the president his space

Today was a particularly enjoyable news day.

Not only was there little violence in Iraq reported, some senators were able to grill the commander in charge of the Iraq war, General Abizaid (with enlightening results), but the day was highlighted by the welcome disappearance of both the voice and visage of one George W. Bush.

Mr. Bush is purportedly en route to Vietnam and thus ensconced within the veritable comforts of Air Force 1, is relatively incommunicado. It's such a welcome relief!

If you are anyhow erudite, sensitive or intelligent (or maybe even all three), you will understand my euphoria over the absence of the lunatic-in-chief. Not to be forgotten, the VP is also out of sight and out of mind as well.

But the sublime majesty of a day without a president - particularly this one - cannot be appreciated without another one, and soon. I suggest that the press decline to cover him during his visit to Southeast Asia, and that the Chilean government extend an invitation to Mr. Bush, ostensibly to cut some brush or chew some fat, maybe slap some leather, tan a hide, run a gamut, pimp a ride or engage in some other harmless, busy activity. The president, after all, needs his entertainment.

It would only increase our joy and the standard of living in the USA. Children would dance in the streets and birds would coo and cuckoo in the suddenly etherealized US air. Life for many would seem worth living if we could impose a muzzle on the president's mouth and a paparazzi ban on his photo-ops.

Am I saying that the president should shut up and leave? Hardly. I am only suggesting that while he is already away, he should remain thus, perhaps hop-scotching the globe in search of his soul, like the Beatles in the late 60's. The president would do well to inhale and listen to some extract of Vishnu. Peace.

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