Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Winners/Losers - Minimum Wage / Gays

From the polling I've seen so far on statewide initiatives, the big winners of the night were those which sought to raise the minimum wage, which passed handily in every state. In the meantime, same sex marriage or initiatives calling for measures to identify marriage as between a man and a woman have been favoring the conservative position.

What this means for Democrats is that they may have to rethink their platform for '08. Gay marriage is looking more and more like a losing issue and it may end up being discarded or shoved to the side. In the larger scheme, losing the White House over gay marriage would probably be akin to a Republican wet dream.

There are more pressing issues in America and the Democratic party needs to focus on issues more relevant to the average family. Otherwise, the Republicans will re-establish their majority in the House and keep the Senate and presidency. Our nation cannot afford more years in the morass of Republican spin and hypocrisy.

By gaining the majority in the House, the Democrats have only slowed the progress of the Republican political machine and it's obvious that there's much more work to be done. A good start would be to work for better voting legislation. There are still too many questions surrounding suppression practices and electronic voting procedures to ensure a safe democracy.

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