Saturday, February 24, 2007


Sean Hannity: Solid Gold Hater

You may agree with some of what Sean Hannity has to say, though it's difficult to imagine agreeing with everything he says. More people would probably agree with almost nothing he says, since much of it can be characterized as nothing more than hate speech.

I am fortunate enough to hear Hannity nightly on my radio, late at night. Generally, I fall asleep listening to his absurd mix of hating Hillary, smearing Obama and other Democrats and praising anything that walks, talks or even has the appearance of being a Republican.

Hannity is unhealthy, a poison to the nation. He spends the majority of the first hour of his 3-hour radio show abusing, vilifying and distorting the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. It's unclear just who appointed Hannity as the Hillary attack dog, but make no mistake, he's determined to deny her so much as the Democratic nomination for president in '08. He even goes so far as to have nicknamed his show The Stop Hillary Express. Very subtle.

Hannity is not particularly bright, but he doesn't have to be because his loyal listeners - who can tune into any phrase that will fit on a bumper sticker - have made him the #2 talk show host in the country (behind Rush Limbaugh), according to Talkers magazine. With an audience of hard core right wing simpletons, Hannity simply plays to the choir.

One thing is clear about Sean Hannity: he's a hater, not a player, because his show and his comments don't bring anything positive to the discussion. He, like haters everywhere, can only try to discredit others, since he has nothing affirmative to offer on his own.

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