Wednesday, March 07, 2007


March on Pentagon March 17

Next Saturday, a coalition of anti-war groups will march on the Pentagon in protest of American involvement in Iraq. The March 17th protest will occur on the 40th anniversary of a 1967 march on the Pentagon that was a major milestone in the anti-war movement of the Vietnam era. The countries are different but the message of protesters is eerily similar: we shouldn't be there and we need to get our troops out.

Organizers of civic and anti-war groups say they expect tens of thousands of people to join the protest march on the Pentagon. Among the many groups which will be represented at the march are the ANSWER coalition, World Can't Wait and many other dedicated anti-war groups who see the United States' involvement in Iraq as criminal and completely unjustified.

Considering how the war seems to have no end in sight, it's difficult not to agree with the views of the protesters. That their march will have any impact is doubtful, especially considering the cynicism in both the White House and Congress. At least there are still some Americans willing to voice their opposition to the war. I am one of them and while I can't make it to Washington, I will stand in solidarity and report on the event here in this blog. It's the least I can do.

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