Tuesday, November 07, 2006


N.Y. 25, 26, 29 key races

Since we're situated in the thriving metropolis of Rochester, NY, we have good info on three close races in the House. In the 25th, Walsh (R) faces Maffei (D); in the 29th, 1st term incumbent Randy Kuhl (R) is in a pitched battle with challenger Eric Massa (D); while in the 26th, powerful Republican Tom Reynolds has waged a serious campaign against Jack Davis (D) and has pulled near even after falling well behind when the Foley scandal broke. Reynolds has been aided by a brutal blizzard that devastated much of his district. The president wasted no time in offering the entire area federal disaster relief funds, which Reynolds, naturally trumpeted.

Only the Republicans can turn disaster to political advantage. Whether it will be enough to overcome the mass negativity from the left to the right remains an open question. This one has national attention.

If the Republicans hold in upstate New York (polls close at 9:00 EST) the House race could be close.

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