Monday, March 26, 2007


Ron Paul on Entitlements

Representative Ron Paul of Texas simply does not get enough credit for his plain-speaking approach to issues facing America. Instead of hearing the wisdom of this honest man, we're stuck with sound bites from blithering idiots like John McCain and Rudy Guiliani.

On the Democrats side, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barak Obama don't make much sense either when they bluster over the entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare, entitlements which Paul (and any other person with half a brain who understands economics) says will bankrupt the nation in 20 years.

Paul cites David Walker, Comptroller General at the Government Accountability Office in this recent article, pointing out that federal spending is completely out of control and entitlement programs will probably never be able to meet their promises unless radical changes are made now.

It's interesting that people like Al Gore and Ron Paul are sounding the alarm about Global Warming and Entitlement Meltdown today, while the current politicians are more concerned with the phony "War on Terror."

We are already a bankrupt nation, morally and economically. The coming 2008 elections are already a complete fiasco.

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