Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Ed Schultz, the Pet Food Shill

Radio talk show host Big Ed Schultz was noticeably not on top of the news yesterday regarding the gigantic pet food recall involving Canadian company Menu Foods Inc., a supplier to more than 50 brand names of dog food and 40 brand names of cat food.

Could it be that Ed exercises selective editorial control as one of the show's major advertisers is one of the biggest brand names in the pet food business - the Purina company?

I'd say that's a good guess, since Ed Schultz has already been identified as a self-promoting, business-first kind of "progressive" who leans towards the money side of issues. In other words, if it's good for Ed's business, it makes the show. Alternately, Ed would not want to alienate an advertiser even though Purina's pet foods aren't even involved in the recall.

Considering Big Ed's propensity for the outdoors and his love for the family dog, Buck (frequently mentioned on the show), it's difficult to imagine the big guy simply missing the story.

This is just more proof that Ed Schultz isn't really a progressive, but nothing more than a paid shill for whatever advertiser offers him enough money - or in this case, a paid censor.


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