Thursday, September 13, 2007


Bush Wins in 17 Minutes

Well, the drinking only got me through one beer and the start of another. I am disappointed. Mr. Bush didn't say "we are winning", the terrorists would "follow us home", though he did say that they could "reach our cities and kill our people" so I took a drink on that.

Sadly, he didn't mention Osama or Uuuusama, the Sheik who died recently or mention the term, "bottomup." However, General Petraeus received five mentions and Iran came in a close second with four.

Due to the paucity of drinking potentialities, I had to fill in with some of my own. The president said "Al Queda" five times, used the phrase "one year ago" four times and the word "reconciliation" three times. Smashing, though not enough to get me smashed.

Thumbs down to Rachel Maddow on this one. She really misread the thrust of the message. Either that or she didn't want anyone to get too schnockered.

Kudos to the media, however. They managed to squeeze the whole speech, the Democrats' rebuttal and some of their own commentary into a half hour. NBC even thrrew in a preview for next season's "The Office." Fabulous. Gloss over the war in a half hour and throw in a promo. Move on. Nothing to see here. American politics at its absolute nadir. Lovely. Drink up. I have extras.

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