Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Bush talks Burma to UN audience

Today, President Bush spoke to the General Assembly of the United Nations, and sadly, with three major issues - Global Warming, Iraq, and Iran - dominating all discussion, the president spoke about none of them. He chose instead to focus his remarks on freedom and the plight of the people of Burma.

In some small way, his expression for new sanctions against the repressive regime of Burma may have been an appropriate action, albeit about 20 years late. Recently, Buddhist monks have led marches of over 100,000 people in opposition to the military regime which has oppressed the nation for more than two decades.

The last time there were such large public movements, the military ruthlessly crushed them. Bush's new sanctions may only serve to fuel the outrageous autocratic rule to more oppressive measures.

Most Americans are unaware of the vicious human rights abuses in Burma because they are out of sight. While Bush may have overlooked the more pressing issues of the day, he may have opened some people's eyes to an ongoing tragedy.

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